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Junior High School in Lubliniec

Lubliniec is a city in the south of Poland. It`s got a population of about 26000 and it`s about 30 kilometres from Częstochowa.

Both girls and boys aged 13-16 study in our school.

There are 18 well-equipped classrooms, two ICT suites where we have our Information Technology classes and do international projects, two gyms where we do sport classes and play matches, a music room and a library.

We go to school five days a week. Lessons usually start at 8 a.m. and finish at 3 p.m. We study 15 subjects such as : Polish, English, German, Maths, History, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Phisical Education, Physics, Art, Music, ICT, Social Studies.

There are also various extra activities for our students, i.e.

  • the school choir and orchestra
  • the astronomy club
  • the drama club
  • the regional club
  • the eTwinning club
  • the sport clubs: chess, volleyball, football and handball clubs.

Our students participate in numerous charity campaigns. The members of the Student Council organize school life, including school celebrations, school radio programmes or peer helping. They also cooperate with the City Hall. Our school has gained the experience on the international level due to doing Socrates Comenius project (2004-2007) or playing concerts abroad. We have joined the international eTwinning project recently and we cooperate with two schools from Ukraine and two schools from Greece.